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Do you want to advertise on Email Attitude?
Here is some important information:
Email Attitude is an opt-in program for sending targeted promotional offers to more than 39 million individuals (as of 01/01/2014).
It has been designed, developed and managed by 1000mercis.
Email Attitude comprises exclusively of databases containing behavioural and declaration data.

Several options are available for distributing advertising messages: e-mail, SMS, post
Our possible number of contacts are as follows:
  • via e-mail: 38 million (including 26 in France)
  • via SMS: 4.5 million
  • via post: 5 million
Email Attitude operates in France, Spain, the UK, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil and the US.
Email Attitude is currently the Number One database in Europe.
For more information, please contact us here